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My Yu-Gi-Oh! Dueling Video Layout

The Fallen Pony

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My latest masterpiece!
It's the layout for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelings in video form.
Ever since I saw some of 
officialyugibrony.gif?10 and digigex90.png?7's dueling videos, I've been wanting to do some myself. But the way they do it doesn't really explain what cards each players has out, which makes the Duels a bit tricky to fallow. So, I decided to make my own layout that lets you see the entire field and the stats of both players.

On either side, there's 3 boxes that shows the stats of the player.
bulletgreen.gif The top box shows the avatar and name of the player and the current Phase of the turn.
bulletgreen.gif The middle box is called the Hand Tray. It shows the cards in their hand. The only card stats you'll be able to see is the Attribute, Level, ATK/DEF, and the Magic/Trap type.
bulletgreen.gif The bottom box is, obviously, the player's LP. I chose to the the original LP counter from the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monstersanime.
You can also see small bubbles next to the Deck, Extra Deck, GY, and the Banished Zone telling you how many cards they currently have.

And the background I made for this is based on the appearance of the Shadow Realm, and I'll be Dueling in a place similar, a universe called Cantas 000.00.

I made this in Photoshop, and it took be 2 days to complete.
So, what do you think of this layout? I'd love to make some MLP Dueling videos, and I'd definitely Duel both 
officialyugibrony.gif?10 and digigex90.png?7!

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