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Quick-Play Spell



You may activate this card from your hand, deck, field, graveyard, or banished zone at any time during the duel, so long as the other requirements of this card have been met. To activate this card, a win condition for your opponent has to have been fulfilled (other than you forfeiting the duel or the effects of your opponent's "Nope"). In addition, at least one of the following requirements must be met for this card to activate:
1.) It is your or your opponent's first or second turn.
2.) Your opponent has performed 15 or more moves (activating a voluntary card effect, summoning a monster, or attacking with a monster) this turn, and you had 8000 or more health at the start of this turn.
This card activates before your opponent is declared the winner of the duel. This card is unaffected by card effects and its effect cannot be negated. When this card is activated, you win the duel instead of your opponent.




Totally not being salty right now :P

The effect could probably be worded better, but you get the picture, screw FTKs and OTKs. This is mostly a joke, but I am not against balancing this card better. There's no better joke than one that could actually work, after all. So if there's anything that could either be less powerful or more powerful, or just any other effects or conditions that it should have, or anything that could be worded differently, feel free to make suggestions.


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