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My Budget go second Greats

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3x Ash blossom (obviously)

3xCrusadia Reclusia (its a level 3 fire and it’s common also it can pop stuff)

3xpankratops (it’s a going second build so yeah)

2xLady Debug (I don’t like debug that much so yeah)

3xSalamangreat Gazelle

3xSalamangreat Spinny boi

2xSalamangreat foxy (it’s pretty much pot of duality for its archetype)

1xSalamangreat Fowl(it’s a extender for Sunlight wolf so one is just aight)

1xSalamangreat Mole(just like fowl it’s a extender)

1xSalamangreat Jack Jaguar (it shuffles back your stuff so it’s more resource)



3xCalled by the grave

3xSalamangreat circle (it’s rotaaaa)

2xFoolish Burial goods(The cool thing with this is that this can send roar or gift if you want it back by using sunlight wolf and also you can send world Dino wrestling to special Pankratops to pop or attack)

1xfusion of Fire (otk is fun)

1xMonster reborn

1xReasoning(it gives more monsters)

2xTwin twisters (flood gate lovers)

1xSalamangreat sanctuary (it’s neeeddedd)

1xWorld Dino wrestling (send it from goods)

1xWill of the salamangreat (monster reborn)



1xSalamangreat Gift

1xSalamangreat Roar


Extra deck:

3xSunlight wolf (it’s your bets link tbh)


2xSalamangreat Veilynx

2xSalamangreat mirage stallio

1xViolent Chimera

1xTranscode talker (it gets big when co-linked)

1xUpdate jammer(makes transcode a 8k beater)

1xFlame Administrator

1xKnightmare Phoenix (it’s a spell or trap pop so yeah also generic is good)

1xKnightmare Cerberus (pops guys so yeah good and generic


The side is not done yet so yeah

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