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Right/Write from My Soul - Seckond Chaynce

Face McShooty

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The way the tracks are titled in this review is how they show up on the physical copy


[spoiler=Track Listing]

1. Right/Write from my Soul (feat. Josh Pray)

2. Never Let You Go

3. Country Girl Magic

4. Haters Gon Hate

5. Blow My Mind (feat. Amber DeLaCruz)

6. I Don't Like That Part

7. Doorknobs

8. 0 F.U.X

9. Whiskey No More

10. I Just Want a Truck

11. No Games (feat. Bezz Believe)

12. Whiskey No More Part 2 (Bonus Track)




The album dropped January 21st, 2019, releasing two music videos the night prior, Country Girl Magic and I Just Want a Truck

Seckond Chaynce revealed that the next track that will have a music video with it is I Don't Like That Part... it's a gutwrenching yet beautiful song that talks about how him and his daughter's mom split and how he hates the fact he doesn't get to do things like tuck her into bed at night.

The album as a whole is a top notch country album, ranging from southern rock (Write/Right from My Soul & No Games) to contemporary country (Haters Gon Hate & Whiskey No More) to the pop country that's popular now (Country Girl Magic and 0 FUX).

If I had to pick a favorite song on the album... it'd honestly be either Haters Gon Hate or Doorknobs for two totally different reasons.

Haters Gon Hate is a real uplifting song about how you should do whatever you want because you're always going to have people talking about you and not let them get to you

Doorknobs talks about how if somebody, in the case of this song it's a woman, doesn't want to be in your life then they should let the doorknob hit them where "the lord God split you" and don't ever go back to them.

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