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All decks are made by me. I will be posting them in order, from most powerful to least powerful.









































New: Order of the Old Fiends #2: https://www.duelingbook.com/deck?id=3955232




















Notice 1: You will notice that except for 2-3 of them, the rest of these are all connected to the Entity archtype, which I am treating kinda like how Konami treats the "World Legacy" cards.


Notice 2: The storyline connecting some of the decks is: Entities -> Vurko -> Swambush -> Darkwood -> Eye Sage. Each of the decks has cards marking them as the next form of the previous archtype (and obviously all of them are still "Entity" support). Voodoo are also connected with the swambush and the Endless. The Endless in turn are connected with New Clears.


Notice 3: The most popular one amongst them have turned out to be the Vurko. The one I am most proud of is Star's Twinkle, and the most pun-heavy are the New Clears.




If you have any suggestions or questions, I'm all ears. I'm especially interested in people's opinions about the Yamimakai normal monsters' flavor text (king excluded of course).


I have also written a guide for creating customs, which I believe is a bit more detailed than most stuff you will find on the net: http://gamehorizon.gr/the-pros-yugioh-custom-guide/

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