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Movie Star! CustomL Archtype


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so uh yeah this is my first custom archetype so here we go...


The basic "strategy" is to use effects to draw a ton of different monsters and summon them to horde your opponent.


Give me any criticism, I want to know how to make this a actually good deck








Action! Cowboy Gunslinger ( Earth )




Type: Movie Star! / Effect 


Lvl: 4


Atk: 1800 / Def: 1300


Effect: This card can make 2 attacks during the battle phase. When this card destroys a monster, draw a card.




Mystery! Detective Doubard (Dark )


Lvl: 3


Type: Movie Star! / Effect / Flip 


Attack: 100/ Def: 1900


Flip: Your opponent reveals their entire hand target one of those cards, banish it, then you may draw 1 card




Mystery! Walloping Werewolf (Dark)




Type: Movie Star! / Effect


Attack; 1500/ Def: 1500 


Effect: This card gains 100 Atk points for each "Dark" Attribute monster on the field.


Once Per Turn: Draw one card




Action! Tyrant T-Rex ( Fire )


Lvl: 5 


Type: Movie Star! / Effect


Attack: 2300 / Def: 1900


Effect: This card deals piercing damage to your opponent.


Once Per Turn: if this card deals damage you can draw 3 cards then shuffle 2 two cards in your hand back into your deck




Laughs! Copy Clown (Dark )


Lvl: 1


Type: Movie Star! / Effect


Attack: 100 / Def: 100


Effect: When this monster is summoned target one monster on your side of the field, take damage equal to its level multiplied by 500 then this card gains the targeted card's Attribute, Atk and Defense points ,and effect.




Mystery! The Wasp Woman ( Dark )


Lvl: 6


Type: Movie Star! / Effect


Attack: 2600 / Def: 2500


Effect: When this card is summoned all your opponents monsters must change into face up attack position. When attacking a attack position monster this card gains half of the selected monsters attack points for the battle. Once Per Turn: You can draw 1 card.




Action! Mighty Knight ( Light )


Lvl: 4 


Type: Movie Star! / Effect


Attack: 1900 / Def: 1500


Draw 1 card 


Once Per Turn: Target one monster your opponent controls, it cannot attack until your next turn.




Laughs! Philly Facepalm ( Light )


Lvl: 3


Type: Movie Star! / Effect


Draw 1 card target one random card in your opponents hand, destroy it.


When this is card is destroyed draw 1 card



Laughs! Dark Riff Magician

Lv: 7 

Type: Spellcaster / Movie Star! / Effect

When this card is summoned draw two cards then special summon 1 Movie Star! monster from your hand.

This card counts as a "Dark Magician"




Epic Crossover Finale:

You can only activate this card when you are bellow 2000 lp take half of your lp in dmg, special summon as many "Movie Star!" monsters from your deck as you want.


Forced Contract:

Target one card your opponent controls it must attack on your opponents turn or be destroyed


Movie Set: Every time a card is drawn add 1 counter to this card 

Once Per Turn: Remove 2 counters special summon from your hand 1 lvl 4 or bellow monster from your hand and draw 1 card


Pot Of Props

Draw 1 card then on your next turn draw 1 card.


Cameo: Target 1 "Movie Star!" monster on your side of the field, special summon a monster from your hand equal to its level


Trailer: (Quick Play ) Target "Movie Star" monster in your deck, special summon in attack mode. The monster has its effects negated and is shuffled back into the deck at the end of the turn of whoever's turn it was when the card was activated.




Retcon: When a monster you control is sent to the graveyard you can special summon it to the field, all of your opponents monsters atk and def points are reduced to their original amount, ignoring any spell effects that might change this.


Tv Reboot: When a monster you control is destroyed, draw 1 card. Special summon from your deck 1 monster that has a level less than the monster that was destroyed


Bodyguards: When one of your monsters if attacked, negate that attack and if you do your opponent takes 500 dmg\


Extra Deck:


The Director (XYZ) (Dark)

3 lvl 4 "Movie Star!" monsters

Atk: 3500 / Def: 3000

Effect: When this card is summoned draw 2 cards

You can remove one XYZ unit special summon one "Movie Star!" monster from your deck.


Please tell me what I can do to make this actually decent,
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