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Void, The Grand Devourer


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Attribute: Light


ATK:1500/Link Rating:?

Link Arrows:?


Must be Special Summoned By it’s own Effect and cannot be Summoned by Other Ways.You can only Control 1 “Void, The Grand Devourer Banish 1 other Link-3 or lower Monster in your Extra Deck: Special Summon this card(This is Treated as a Link Summon). This Card’s name and effect become that of the banished monster’s, In addition it gains it’s link arrows/rating and this Effect:

Declare 1 Link Arrow Direction: Target 1 Link Monster on the field, One of its Link Arrow becomes that direction, You can use this Effect up to this Card’s Link Rating. When this Card leaves the field, Return the Banished Link Monster back to the Extra Deck


Criticism is welcomed

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