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N Kingdom Archetype Idea

DuelMaster J

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Please post your cards in writen form here regardless with the addition of image or not (cards with full art is the only acceptable entry. Not card frame with blank picture) by editing your very 1st post and type the effects and the stat/property of the cards (edit button is under Likes) also while imgur is the right format to post images here the link type you use is wrong

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N Kingdom Fighter

Lv. 4



Lore: A loyal combatant of the N Kingdom. Are powerful in numbers.

ATK/DEF: 1700/1600


N Kingdom Soldier

Lv. 6



Lore: Part of the N Kingdom military force. They never show mercy.

ATK/DEF: 2300/2200


N Kingdom Military Commander




Lore: The General of the N Kingdom army. His battle tactics are known for being quick and effective.

ATK/DEF: 2800/2600


N Kingdom Ballistics Expert

Rank: 4



Effect: 2 or more Level 4 "N Kingdom" monsters

All Normal monsters you control gain 300 DEF. Once per turn, during the Battle Phase (Quick Effect): You can detach 1 Xyz material from this card; negate the effect of 1 monster on the field until the end of the Battle Phase.

ATK/DEF: 1800/2000


N Kingdom Master

Lv. 10



Effect: 5 "N Kingdom" monsters.

The effects of all face-up monsters on the field except "N Kingdom" monsters are negated while those monsters are face-up on the field (but their effects can still be activated) When this card is sent to the Graveyard by card effect, shuffle 3 Normal monsters from the Graveyard into the deck.

ATK/DEF: 3650/3400


N Counter


Effect: When any number of Normal monsters you control are targeted by a Spell or Trap effect, negate the activation and destroy it, then add 1 Normal monster from the Graveyard to your hand.


Power of N

Continuous Spell

Effect: There must be at least 1 "N Kingdom" monster on the field to activate this effect. Once per turn, during your opponent's Standby Phase, they take 200 damage for every Normal monster you control.


Thanks for the recommendations!

Check out the 1st post to see the Field Spell for this Archetype.


N Kingdom Enforcer

Lv. 4



This card is treated as a Normal monster. You can normal summon this card as an Effect monster with these 2 effects.

■When this card battles a Defense position monster, that monster is destroyed.

■When this card inflicts battle damage to your opponent, destroy 1 other card on the field.

ATK/DEF: 1750/1100


N Kingdom Medical Staff

Normal Spell

Send the top 2 cards of your deck to the Graveyard, then gain 400 Life Points for every Normal monster and "N Kingdom" monster on the field.

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Kingdom: standard stat gain is ok, negation is quite nice


first 3 normals: i these can be as good as far the Normal Monster support goes. but its not enough, the higher level can be a brick in your hand. if im the one designing these i probably use a highly supported Levels like 1, 4, 8 (which also reduce the number of high levels), or maybe adding extra utility like being Tuners or Pendulum which can help to summon the high levels or giving extra setup effects to further help your vanilla


Ballistic: i don't see how this is useful. DEF boost only works on niche scenario. negation effect is outclassed by Skill Drain which is staple in Normal Monster deck.


Master: its a better Skill Drain but way too hard to summon and its stat is really weak for its investment. the shuffle effect is not really good because a plain recycle effect is also clog your deck unless you give it an advantage generator effects like Pot of Avarice for example. i think you can either make it summon-able with 2 material with the skill drain effects  but gaining more bonus effects if you use more material


Kingdom: standard stat gain is ok, negation is quite nice but we already have Master if you make it easy to summon like my suggestion. maybe additional effect wouldn't hurt


Counter: not as good as the counter traps we have but the direction with additional advantage effect is good. make it as strong as Orcustrated Climax should be good


Power: 1200 damage per turn potential. but if im making this deck i won't run this because it has no additional advantage effect that my Normal Monster need to not bricking


Enforcer: Defense Destroyer is not really a good effect nowdays. but the Damage > Destroy is decent i guess


Medical Staff: not really an option to run with same reason as Power

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