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[Written] Elemental HERO Magician (old fashioned e Hero support)


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I was feeling a bit sad that there is so much E Hero support that was obsolete from day one so I am thinking of making support for Vanilla E Heroes. This one I was thinking dr Strange.


Elemental HERO Magician

Lv 5, Spellcaster. Earth. 2100 atk. 1800 def.


During your standby phase, if your opponent controls a monster and you do not, you can special summon this card from your hand or grave. Banish this card when it leaves the field.


During your draw phase, if you draw a normal warrior type monster, Polymerization, Miracle Fusion or Skyscraper. You can reveal it; draw 1 more card.


You can only control 1 "Elemental HERO magician".

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Nice HERO monster who has a quite easy  summoning condition/can revive himself has decent stats for level 5 good tribute fodder and can potentially get good draw power while also giving support to not just vanilla E HEROES but spell cards as well and i like that hes based on existing super heroes like most E HEROES 


the only problems i can think of is 

1.since hes summoned during your opponents turn your opponent has a good chance to get rid of it which means theres a chance that magician will only be used as a wall to keep being revived and be destroyed by an opponents attack and wont make it to the draw phase

2.The only vanilla monsters you would probably put in your deck is Neos , Neos Allius and maybe rarely Sparkman since most if not all vanilla E HEROES are terrible like avian and burstinatrix which means you probably wont get too many additional draws from vanilla normal monsters if any.

3.While 2100 is ok its not going to hold the opponent back for too long which in some cases makes him just a monster who keeps coming back to stop 1 opponents attack. 


despite this still a good monster to put in any E HERO deck at maybe 1 or 2 



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