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Behold, children, THE HERALD(er)S!


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so, im knew here, and i would like some reviews on my first card series: HOTED, or, Heralders Of The End Days. this series is unfinished, i just wanted to get a head start on the reviews.

(oh yeah, this is gonna be a crazy archetype. anyone using these in a deck is gonna be a serious memer.)

(note that, all cards that have their control changed by these effects do not get sent to the original owner's graveyard.)

  1. Heralder of The Earth
    level 5
    1770 atk, 2350 def
    "you can special summon this card from your hand by shuffling all cards (min. 4) in either the graveyard, removed from play pile, or field that had control switched into their original deck." 
  2. Heralder Of Seas
    level 7
    780 atk, 2450 def
    "whenever a card is given to another player, increase this monster's atk by 500 points. once per turn, if your opponent has one of your cards on their side of the field, you can add a card from your deck to their deck and another to the grave to place it on your side of the field. if this card is tribute summoned, you can change it to face up defense position. if this card is special summoned, it must be special summoned in attack position."
  3. Heralder of Flames
    level 4
    1850 atk, 650 def
    "once during your turn: you can pay 500 life points & send a card from your deck to the graveyard to make your opponent send one from their deck to the graveyard. it does not have to be the top card. if you have a level 7 monster in your hand, you can tribute this card to special summon it."
  4. Heralder of Twisters
    level 3
    1350 atk, 1780 def
    "once during your turn; you can add a card from your banished pile to your opponents hand; if you do, your opponent selects a card from their banished pile and add it to your hand. if this card is flip summoned; it gains 600 attack, and, if it was attacked when it was flipped, cannot be destroyed by effects. you can return this card from the field to your deck to special summon a level 5 monster to the field."
  5. Heralder of Frost
    level 7
    2550 atk, 1080 def
    "any battle damage either player takes from battles involving this card is doubled. once per turn, during the battle phase; you can discard 2 cards from your hand to make this card gain piercing. if this card would be attacked while in defense position, your opponent's monster gains piercing damage. up to twice per battle phase, if this card is involved in a battle, you can remove 2 cards from you graveyard to negate it."
  6. Heralder of Death
    level 9
    4000 atk, 1000 def

    "this monster cannot be normal summoned. it must be special summoned from the hand by tributing one "Heralder" monster and 2 more monsters with a different attribute or type than the "Heralder" monster, OR if, during the battle phase, 3 or more of your "Heralder" monsters are destroyed. one per turn, you can have your opponent select a random card in your hand. send it & the top card from your grave and deck to the removed from play pile and declare a type, attribute, or both. destroy all cards on the field with one or both of the declared type or attribute."
  7. The Great Herald Of The End Of Days
    level 12
    4000 atk, 4000 def
    "This card cannot be normal summoned. It must be special summoned while you have at least 3 of 'Heralder of Death', 'Heralder Of War', 'Heralder Of Pestilence', 'Heralder Of Famine', and 'Heralder Of Conquest' on your field.  this card inflicts piercing damage. if this card would be destroyed, you can place 1 'Ender' counter on this card instead. this card gains 300 atk & def for each 'Ender' counter on it. during each standby phase, take 400 damage for each 'Ender' counter on this card. during your main phase 2, you can destroy monsters from your side of the field to remove 'Ender' counters equal to twice the amount of monsters you destroyed."



is this good?


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