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[Written] Nue, the King of Tatzlewurms | enigmatic xyz support


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Nue, the King of Tatzlewurms

DARK / Level 4 / Beast / Pendulum / Effect

Scale 10

Pendulum Effect

You cannot Pendulum Summon monsters, except monsters with the same Attribute(s) as monster attached on Xyz Monster you control (if any) as Xyz Material. this effect cannot be negated. During your Main phase: You can pay 1300 LP; Immediately after this effect resolved, Normal Summon this card from your Pendulum Zone.

Monster Effect

This card cannot be used as Tribute or Material to Summon a non-Xyz Monster. If this card is Summoned or flipped face-up: Excavate the top 5 cards from your deck then send 1 Monster that either Excavated or in your hand to GY, or,  if don't have any in either, Banish this card face-up. also Category, Level, Type, and Attribute of "Nue, the King of Tatzlewurms" in your possession become same as that sent Monster. if you control 2 or more Xyz Monsters that has "Nue, the King of Tatzlewurms" attached on each of them as Xyz Material (Including this card): Xyz Monster in your possession that has same Category, Type and Attribute as 1 of those monsters have its Category, Type, and Attribute also treated same as the other monster(s)

ATK 1050 / DEF 1300

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