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Please give opinions and advice to me please


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all problem: no monster types

1st card specific problem:

Skill Drain, Royal Decree, and Imperial Order bundled in 1 card? that's op. even with abysmal stat its pretty much can be summoned with everything in the game. while your cards is also affected too at the very least you can use this with quick summon effects as temporary negation that screw the whole field

2nd card specific problem:

its rank 8 so unless there special shenanigans about it, its will at least use 2+ level 8 monster. BUT you not specify how many Material needed to summon this card

direct attack is not really a problem but its seems not fitting the rank 8 pool. the closest we got that similar to this is Rank 10 Gustav

for the rest of the effect you need to post the Level 4 or lower. otherwise, we cannot value this card. at that point though, you need to make new post on Advance Multiples

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