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Gaia the Fairy Dragon Knight


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My concept for a gaia monster

Effect: "Gaia the Fierce Knight" + "Fairy Dragon"
When this monster is summoned to the field, destroy all spell and trap cards on the field. When this monster destroys a monster in defense position, inflict piercing damage. Once per turn, when one of your monsters are destroyed equip it to his monster and increase the stats of this cards by the monsters stats. Should this monster be destroyed, destroy one of the equipped monsters instead. When this monster is destroyed, return all monsters in the graveyard to the deck.


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If this card is Summoned, You can Destroy all Spell/Trap card on the field. This card inflict Piercing Damage. When other monster you control would be destroyed either by battle or card effect, you can equip that monster to this card instead. This card gain ATK/DEF equal to total ATK/DEF of monster(s) equipped on this card this way also if this card would be destroyed you can destroy 1 of its equipped monster instead. If this card is destroyed either by battle or card effect, you can Shuffle all monster in GY to its owners Deck"

^rough fix

Just a bit of clearance: the fairy dragon material is the Normal Monster one correct? Since Ancient Fairy Dragon is currently Banned

While i understand that the material of this card is cluncky thus justified that thick amount of pretty strong effect supposedly. Its still can be cheated-out (thank god Agarpain is banned recently)  

while i personally has a bit liking towards long convoluted effect that can promote unique interaction. All 5 of this card effects not really is either OP nor warrant the complexity. So we need to simplified it and nerf some of its parts. Especially, again; this card has potential to be cheated out 

Some of my suggestion:

1. Make some of its effect can only applied when fusion summoned only. Particularly the heavy storm effect

2. The mass GY Shuffle is a bit unfair. Its a reccursion that also distrupt opponent GY setup. Discard it 

3. Simplified most of its effect



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