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Wotan, father of the Valkyries


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Hi everyone, one of my favourite archetypes is Valkyries. While some effects, including the promo, are good in terms of swarming Valkyries into the field, imo the biggest problem is they lack in protection, being the most notable Brunhilde, but only protects in terms of battle destruction. 

The other archetype i usually play is zombies, they got a little revamped with a new boss monster in balerdroch, it can negate and banish in the same turn, it can revive itself from GY. It can be a pain if you don't have the right cards to get rid of it.

Taking notes from Balerdroch i designed a real boss monster for Valkyries in the form of their father, Wotan (the same as Odin). So he can revive itself from the graveyard, it can negate or banish a monster, and he can special summon a Valkyrie from the hand or GY. To balance the effects, first added the cost of tribute: to revive itself, it requires specifically a Valkyrie, so it doesn't get generic enough to be abused by other archetipes. Then, the other effects (negation, banish and special summon of Valkyrie) are 1 of them once per turn but quick so you can use it every turn and a bit more generic tributing a fairy monster. About the materials is also generic fairys, so there is a chance to special summon it on first turn with venus or Valkyries. 

There could be a variation where part of its effects could be linked (no pun intended) to the continuous spell Valhalla, so it would be more of a Balerdroch for fairys.



EDIT: The artwork is a painting by Francisco Sanchis Cortes

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Possible combos:

Link Summon:

With Venus (1st or more turns): Bring 3 Mystical Shine Ball, 2 of them into hip hoshiningen, hip + 3rd shine = Wotan, and remains Venus so you can tribute it to special summon a Valkyrie from hand or GY or to negate/banish. As it is also a Valkyrie monster, you can apply most of the other Valkyries effects.

With Valkyries/Valhalla: its also possible, easier with Valkyrie Sigrun, Valhalla: special summon sechste from hand, special summon dritte - add funfte or vierte to normal summon, apply effects (vierte has a chance to grab you a final light or monster reborn)  link into Wotan, use monster reborn/final light to bring Valkyries to tribute/apply other effects/cards (There are other ways to special summon sechste)

Ride of the Valkyries: After a Ride that brought 3 or more Valkyries into field and used mischief, you can link summon Wotan and normal summon a fairy in the MP2 to tribute it and bring back sechste, that can special summon Sigrun wich can special summon any other Valkyrie on the GY, or in other order, Bring Sigrun, to special summon Sechste to special summon other Valkyrie from the deck.


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