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Yu-Gi-Oh Card Save Question

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Good night dears,

From one hand, I want to introduce myself a little bit before the question realization:

I love yu-gi-oh game for a long years ago, and when I was discovered this website, I become mad of happiness from the possibility to create my own cards, my own decks. I started to create a lot of decks with some friends (I wrote a little more information at the end of the text about the Decks that we created with my friends during a couple of years)(*), we created accounts into the YugiohCardMaker website and we were able to create a lot of amazing Decks to play with us, we were so funny and happy, and from this emotions, now I want to tell you thanks for your amazing work creating this website and allowing us to experiment this experiences.

I try to introduce my question: in the past we always saved our created cards in YCM page with “SAVE” function button, and this function was so useful for a lot of things, as for examples: to have a accurate control of the cards, organize the cards with alphabetic order, fix some mistakes in cards after some time, reload created card to structure easily the new cards, etc...

For the other hand, I explain this because today, after more than 1 year (more or less) since we have been created the last card, I log in again into the YCM website to continue the card creation with my friends. Then, we saw that the list of the saved cards does not exist, also the “OPEN” button and the “SAVE” button does not exist in YCM actually.

We are afraid because we have a lot of data saved in this card list, cards information and organizations. The list of cards means a lot for us, lose this list, means lose a lot of cards that are not been exported yet to the image and, a lot of decks organizations. For us, this decks are our creations, our dreams, our illusions, our hopes…

In other words I’m trying to ask, what was happened with the list of saved cards? Also is something wrong with the “SAVE” and “OPEN” buttons? Or is just that the page changed with this time, and the functions and buttons are not more able? Or maybe exist a new method to organize, save and open the cards?

Please help us.

Please clarify and explain us, this strange and desperation situation.

Thanks for your time and patience, best regards peretuki.


Some Created Decks: Anime/Manga Series Decks as Dragon Ball Deck, One Piece Deck, Bleach Deck, Yuyu Hakusho Deck, Hunter X Hunter Deck, etc… Also videogames decks as Dragon Quest, Raiman Deck, Dofus Deck, Pokemons Decks, God of War Deck, and more. More Thematically Decks as Musical Groups Decks as for example Eddies Deck (from Iron Maiden), also some Overpower Commonly Decks as Warriors, Samurais, Dark Creatures, Dragons, etc…



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