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How To Play Rush Duels & Missing The Timing Goes Bye Bye?

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So there is now a website up that explains how to play Rush Duels, and it's basically a mini rulebook for how to play the game in general, but Rush Duels behave a little bit differently, as we already know, and in fact, they seem to completely change a fundamental part of the game, that being that activation costs/requirements are not much of a thing anymore, rather, this all happens in a single action. You have probably already read the card text of some cards, and they mention a requirement in one line and an effect in another line, which I assumed to be a way to make it easier to tell what happened at activation, and what happened at resolution, yet it seems like that isn't how it works. The Org explains it better, read the bottom of the page, they give a good example of how this changes things.


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