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溟界 Meikai (Abhyss)

Note: 溟 here seems to just be a more obscure spelling of 冥 (Underworld, Darkness, The Abyss, Gloom) combined with 氵, a Kanji radical that refers to something wet or watery. So the imagery is “Somewhere cold, wet and dark”.

I tossed a dart to go with Abyss + Hiss based on the premise this is apparently a Reptile theme based on the TCG. And the Abyss is a valid location in the Ocean, which this Kanji can refer to.

The other suggestion that comes to mind is “Abyssea”.


ドレミコード Doremicode (or Doremichord)

Just a reiteration that Doremicode manipulates the Pendulum Scale, while Abhyss manipulates the Graveyeard.



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