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Cannon Seller (second attempt I lost my original) Just finished a month long remix!


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What the hell loleooooo, this is your best piece so far, I have no doubt! It's really complex, I'm really amazed by the number of notes each section has, and the many nice changes in the rhythm and feelings it evokes. My very first impression took me a bit to the times of the olde Mega Man games, specially the serious stages from Wily's fortress, but with more complex sounds than the 8-bit era of course. As I re-listened to it the feeling gradually changed, but I still feel a faint reminiscence to those times when I played such games. I have to say, though, that for some reason my phone doesn't seem to be the best device to listen to it, as for some reason it starts to sound distorted toward (IDK how to call it) 50th part, which is pretty much the climax (damn) and the distortion fades almost completely towards the end. I wish I could hear the whole song in another device or download it somehow.

Excellent job and thanks for sharing

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