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My deck has a very bad 0.1% Win rate and it has no meta involved my little 2 year old sister who learned how to play yugioh today OTK me with kuriboh.

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-5 stars above 

Dark magician 

Slifer the sky dragon

Buster Blader 

Dragunity primus pilus

Cyber dragon


-4 stars or less

Gravekeeper's spear soldier

The fabled kokkator

Dragunity darkspear 

Dark rabbit

Clock wyvern 

Ally of justice nullfier


Battle ox

Breaker the magical warrior 

Feral imp 

Baby Dragon

Ally of justice garadholg

Harpie lady 1

Clavkiys the magikey blaster

The fabled catsith 

Fabled dyf

Blizzard warrior

Cyber phoenix

Strategist of the ice barrier



Harpies feather duster

Monster reborn

Supply squad 

Book of moon 

Pot of avarice 

Fusion substitute

Swords of revealing light


Sword of deep seated

Soul crossing 

Thunderforce attack

Card advance


Trap cards

Power wall

Back to the front 2x 

Mirror force 

Windstorm of etaqua

Call of the haunted




You problably are jealous I beat my dog at yugioh I was so happy anyways rate my deck (I call it Potato Smasher retro 1 lows)

Oh my extra deck has nothing but i have 5 tokens :(

Hopefully my "Friend" @TheNixAvatar Responds :)

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I would absolutely be playing decks like this around 2015-16 not from lack of skill but because I didn't (and probably still don't) like combo heavy my-board-wins-on-turn-1 playstyle 
Fun deck, but all the high-level monsters are the real weakness here. You can struggle so long to get out one of the strongest cards in your possession, using all of those resources -- and can one of those win the whole duel by itself? No. 

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