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Pack Raid

2 red 2 green

Adventure Sorcery

If it is day, it becomes night and it cannot become day until the start of your next turn. If it is night each opponent discards all non-land cards with the lowest converted mana cost.

Artifact Equipment (Leader's fang)

3 red 2 green

When this card enters the battlefield, you can equip it to target werewolf you control. Equipped creature gains +X/+X for each werewolf you control and the ability "tap: if it is day it becomes night".

Equip 1 colorless


Mapida, the healer

2 green 2 colorless

tap, Discard a card: return target creature destroyed this turn to the battlefield tapped



Mapida, Mauler of Many

tap: deal X damage to target creature or planes walker where X is the number of green wolves you control.





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