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Zombie Deck Help


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I've accrued a collection of Zombie based cards to try and play around and create a couple of different decks of different play-styles. I would love some help, advice, guidance, and then some on what cards I'm missing, what I don't need and how I can build the decks so they could be at least half-way competitive lol.

The decks I've been trying to build are; a Generic Zombie World Deck, a Zombie Mill Deck (I know of the Mayakashi build but am wondering if there's a Generic ZW or preferably a Xyz style using Zombie Vampire and Wollow) and a Burning Skull Deck.

Below is a list of the Zombie based cards I have.

Monster Cards

Shiranui Solitairex1


Shiranui Spectralswordx1

Nine-Tailed Foxx1

Skull Conductor

Malevolent Mech - Goku Enx1

Zombie Mammothx1

Goka, the Pyre of Malicex1

Supersonic Skull Flamex1

Skull Flamex1

Burning Skull Headx2 (a third has been ordered)

Vampire Lordx1

Vampire Dukex1

Vampire Ladyx1

Vampire Gracex1

Soul-Absorbing Bone Towerx3

Glow-Up Bloomx1



Pyramid Turtlex3

Bacon Saverx1

Immortal Rulerx1

Il Bludx1

Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansionx1

Necroworld Bansheex1

Isolde, Belle of the Underworldx2

Tristan, Knight of the Underworldx1

Ash Blossom & Joyous Springx1

Ghost Mourner & Moonlit Chillx1


Alghoul Mazerx1

Doomking Balerdrochx1

Devouring Sarcophagusx2

Shinobi Necrox1

Fear from the Darkx1

Changshi the Spiridaox1

Beast of the Pharaohx1

Yellow-Bellied Onix1

Red-Headed Onix1

Samurai SKullx1

Goblin ZOmbiex2

Zombie Masterx1

Patrician of Darknessx1

Lich Lord of the Underworldx1



Guard Ghostx1


Ghost Charon, the Underworld Boatmanx1

Plaguespreader Zombiex1

Mad Maulerx1

Doombearer Psychopomposx1

Pain Painterx1


Paladin of the Cursed Dragonx1

Crow Tengux1

Red-EYes Zombie Dragonx1


Bone Crusherx1



Spell Cards

Zombie Rebornx1

Zombie Necronizex1

Zombie Worldx2

Call of the Mummyx1

Book of Lifex1 (A second has been ordered)

Vampire's Desirex1

Vampire Kingdomx1

Vampire's Domainx1

Shiranui Style Solemnityx1

Everliving Underworld Cannonx1

Ghost Meets Girl - A Mayakashi's Manuscriptx1


Trap Cards

Shiranui Style Successx1

Vampire Awakeningx1

Trap of the Imperial Tombx1

Tutan Maskx1

Haunted Shrinex1

Haunted ZOmbiesx3

Zoma the Spiritx3

Mayakashi Mayhemx1

Enma's Judgementx1

Return of the Zombiesx1


Extra Deck

Tsuchigumo, the Poisonous Mayakashix1

Pilgrim Reaperx1

Shiranui Skillsaga Supremacyx1

The Zombie Vampirex1

Shiranui Squiresagax1

Dragocytos Corrupted Nethersoul Dragonx1

Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon Lordx1

Skeletal Dragon Felgrandx1

Red-Eyes Zombie Necro Dragonx1

Dhampir Vampire Sheridanx1

Crimson Knight Vampire Bramx1

Number 23: Lancelot, Dark Knight of the Underworldx1

Immortal Dragonx1

Avendread Saviourx1

Vampire Suckerx1

Vampire Fascinatorx1

Doomkaiser Dragonx1

Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragonx1

Sea Monster of Theseusx1

Reaper on the Nightmare (Ordered)

Revived King Ha Desx1

Archfiend Zombie-Skullx1

Shamisen Samsara Sorrowcatx1

Wollow, Founder of the Drudge Dragonsx1

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