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I use to play YGO irl with my mate and he had built a deck made up with his most OP cards, now I know these cards were original but the Egyptian god cards were the worst of them all, every day I had to face Obelisk every day, he always managed to summon that card... its over powered, (I'm glad they banned the Egyptian god cards from tournaments) as for people making OP cards I can relate, there are certain websites were you can make your own OP cards like this one but If your going to make OP cards then at least put a little bit of weakness in them... Image going up against someone with a full customized  OP deck how foolish would that be... you can just tell the OP card player doesn't know how to play YGO properly because they look at YGO cards in one way... power, but no YGO cards can be seen as strategy, trickiness, and effectiveness these are the most easiest ways to win, with a YGO deck only built for mer-power were is the back up? does the cards worked together as a normal deck would or are they all random?, and lastly does it work on your opponent?

There are many ways to confuse yourself with YGO!

YU-GI-OH was made for strategy but later on as the new developers took over they made stronger cards that just blew the game away everyone wanted to be the best of the best!

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