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[Original Work] Back To The Cross: Book 3: She's a Wonderful Wife

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She's a wonderful Wife.


November 6. 2015, 60 Years since The Fluxx capacitor was thought of.


Jacobs breath grew shallow. The woman he loved was in bed beside him. She was dating someone, she was gorgeous, she was for all intents and purposes in the sister zOne. She was Leia Organa-Solo in Empire Strikes Back, He was Luke before he lost his hand. He was frustrated, she was happy in a relationship. Jacob rolled over. He knew where the nearest time machine was. In fact he had vowed to destroy it… The only problem was the could easily make a new time machine… He could build a Fluxx capacitor blindfolded with his hands tied behind his back. But he didn't want to. He had nearly lost his salvation the first time, his best friend almost destroyed America by letting Steven Spielberg become a multi gazillionaire with a time machine he technically owned… No time travel was definitely wrong…. Awww screw it… here we go again….


Back To The Cross BOOK 3 : She's a Wonderful Wife.

 Part 1: A New Hope

November 14, 2014


Jacob pushed her from his lap.

     OUCH! She exclaimed. Jacob had inadvertently destroyed her younger brothers wooden top that was adored by Mama.

    “Oh Shoot.” Hope looked at the broken toy in despair. “My mom's going to kill me.” Jacob looked at her through his eyelashes. 

      As if, that can be fixed with wood glue.” He said nonchalantly. He was happy she was off his lap before things got awkward in the empty house but the broken top distracted from the fact that she had put Chapstick on his lips. He didn't wear Chapstick and swore the only way to get it on him was by lip to lip transference. He sighed as she freaked out about the toy until she was late for her job interview. 

    A little flurry of jet black hair and yoga pants whisked past him as he stood in awe. He adored her. She was beautiful, smart (but she didn't apply herself,) Radiant and most of all Madly in Love with God. That was the clincher. Jacob was tired of missionary dating or having girlfriends who would go all the way. He wanted a girlfriend who would wait with him, pray with him, and well they were already on a worship team together.

    “Alright bye I Love You!” She quickly closed the door as Jacob barely mumbled out a “Love ya” that was the third time. First time he replied. He knew because he kept track. Earlier that year around June she had said it when he made a sweet remark. She looked him directly in the eye with a shallow anticipation. He smiled warmly but kept a right lip. Then earlier that fall she said it again at worship rehearsal and again Jacob greeted it with his warmest smile. Outside he looked pleased, inside his heart was flipping and nearly ripping through his medium shirt.

    Jacob sighed and went back upstairs for some rest. There was a loud Flash of light and an explosion outside. Jacob leapt down the stairs and swung open the door. On the other side was, Jacob Gonmiah Aged 21.


November 14, 2014


Jacob Prime reached out a hand to steady Jacob 20, who in his entire life never fainted. Jake 21 knew that it was possible for interaction with your alternate selves could cause you to swoon, stop existing, or cause a rift in space-time. Jake Prime figured it was worth it.

    Jacob gently slapped his own cheek from a year earlier until he came to. Then he issued a command.

     “Give me your Pajamas.” He nervously glanced out the window all though he spoke like he knew what he was doing.

    Jacob 20 didn't hesitate. He had enough seen time travel media to know where this was going. Jacob Prime put the clothes on. Then he realized his hair was cut. He swore. Hope would know something was up. He took of the pajamas almost instantly and dressed his past self pushing him out the door. 

“She's stuck at the bus stop, she'll be on her way back in 15 minutes because she'll miss the bus and call for a ride to her interview. You have to Kiss her.” Jacob 20 froze. He tried to stammer but words escaped him. Jacob Prime rolled his eyes. 

    “Listen to you, this day is the day she gets away. At this job she meets her future boyfriend, you guys drift apart and don't reconcile for almost a year. Kiss her, it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. But remember hitch 90, she comes 10… Consent is key.”


November 14, 2014 12:45 PM

    Jacob felt a bit chilly as he walked down the street. It was all surreal. He figured this must be some sort of dream. His future self spurring him on to kiss Linda. Of course he wanted to more than anything but he didn't think it would be anytime soon. He had it all mapped out. That Christmas he would tell her. That way they could always remember when they started dating. But if in one short year things fell apart. No, Jacob pushed that out of his mind. This must be his second chance, his future self was getting a shot at redemption. Or could it be the third chance, or fourteenth. Jacob began to panic. I hen he looked up. 


She was impatiently waiting at the bus stop. Looking in the direction of the buses. Bouncing on her toes. She was mesmerizing. Jacob forgot his nervousness for a moment and approached her. When he was in a few feet she looked up and gave her confused smile.

   “What are you doing here, Jake?” Jacob drew his eyes from her immaculate lips. He normally would be at a loss for words but he felt invigorated.

    “Esperanza, when I first hung out with you I wondered what kind of couple Wed make. You are a perky ball of passion and I'm just a stagnant mass of affection.” He took a step and touched her upper arm. “You make me feel a little bit more alive, a little bit more joyful, and you…” He had drawn her close. “Give me hope.” The bus whisked by as they shared their first kiss, on a pale morning in mid November.


Chapter 4:

    Jacob realized he was bending a little bit lower than usual as he drew away from the kiss. In his arms was a woman who shared every characteristic with the girl he was just kissing. But her body was fuller, her hair was more of an extravagant pull together held in place with chopsticks. She wore a simple sweater and an amazing pair of jeans.

    “Mmm thank you, what was that for honey.” Honey? Jacob thought that escalated quickly. Until he realized where they were. He was in the kitchen of a house he used to live in with his family. He was wearing different clothes and be felt a bit taller. Esperanza looked he same but she wore glasses on her forehead, and he could hear the sound of feet running through the house. Linda patted his chest and turned back to the stove where she was flipping grilled cheese sandwiches.

    “Luke, Leia lunch is ready!!!” Linda turned and slid the sandwiches on the table. As she did Jacob caught his reflection in the glass of the kitchen door. He was definatwly taller. He had a more muscular build. His skin was clear and his hair was combed. Jacob realized he must have aged instantaneously. He looked around, he assumed this was his life now. His dream house, his lovely wife, and two gorgeous kids what could possibly make this any better. 

Wooof! A brown dog with shaggy fur barreled down on him and he laughed as he fell to the floor. 

“Oh come on Chewie” Esperanza smiled through her scolding and the kids clapped in Glee. Jacob had wanted a dog, soo bad.


November 28th, 2027


Final Chapter


    “Jacob you have to let me make my own mistakes. Go back and stop yourself.”

    But the kids, Luke Leia Chewie. What about them will they ever exist?

   Esperanza shed a tear. “I don't know Jake, but if you changed such a massive year of my life… I don't think I could trust you anymore. That was it Jacob began to sob. Linda, as practiced as she was during their ten years of marriage knew how to stop this. She put a slender finger at his chin. Although he towed two heads over her while he was sitting she moved as close as possible. His arms wrapped around her back and they shared a kiss. The one year Jake Prime got to live in this marriage was one he would forget. But this kiss. Was one that would transcend time and space.


Jake 34 watched Jake 20 to go tell Jake 21 that Linda would find out, that this mistake had to be made, that she would love him, and would never forget their family. As Jake 20 stopped he turned and looked as Jake 34 disappeared from existence shedding a tear. Jacob Prime felt a pang in his heart as the memories of Jacobs year of living married to Linda flooded into his mind. It was a year, and a second. But this kiss, lasted forever.


The End???!?!? 


NO! It isn’t, Jacob had a idea. He lived for a year in that house and remembered how much of a pain when he was 16 to commute to newark for high school. How much easier would it to have just gone to West Orange High School his junior year. That was it, he didn’t have to change Esperanza’s life, he would change his on life.


Part 2: Childhood Best Friend

It was done, Jacob erased 4 years of his life, he had forsaken all of his friends and teachers and was going to a different high school. He wondered how he let his older self convince him to do this all for a girl he hadn’t even met yet. Jacob 17 realized this Esperanza must have been pretty special. Jacob 23 had given him a small time machine that had two charges in it, one to take him back to the past to undo this mistake, and a spare because no one should be left without a back up.

What Jacob 23 hadn’t accounted for, was Ruthie. His friend from when he was 5. They were thick as thieves and true and pure friends since they had life group every week and went to VBC together. He had found her on Facebook when he was 14 but she was waaaaay out of his league and only seemed superficially interested in reconnecting. 

Unfortunately, or fortunately time would tell (I know bad pun) Jacob was in a little more than half of Ruthie’s classes. Science Park was an advanced school and the amount of classes they took in three years put him squarely in the path to graduate a year early.

He hadn’t even noticed Ruthie was in his classes the first 3 weeks because he was so socially awkward and uncomfortable he didn't notice anyone or make any new friends.

But by mid march she walked right up to him and nudged him. 

“Hey you want to help me bring up my Pre-Calc grade Jacob?” She asked playfully but with a dead serious air.

Jacob was gob smacked seeing someone he platonically thought was cute standing in front of him like the vision of Aphrodite. Her Golden tresses framing her face perfectly. She wore a red cap with a white R on it. 

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