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Request - Hydreigon/Iron Jugulis Fusion


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FInished request from @Zamazenta the OS-Tan Fan.  My art style doesn't translate particularly well to drawing Pokemon that actually look like Pokemon, so Bud, this is the best I could do.  May redraw it later on and use what I learned with this one to better effect, but things are busy at home and work for me at the moment so redrawing this one is going to happen sometime in the future if at all.



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@Rongaulius Thank you so much this image conveys my thoughts on what a Dystopian Future looks like especially when some not very bright humans are praising this future Human Cyborgs the future really worries me as a young person.

How bout your thoughts, also image looks nice it incapacitates why I'm very afraid of the future. Have people not watched Sky Net before? It gives off many Red Flags about our future if we our not careful.

Its okay but if you wanna keep tying just to learn how to get a grasp on Pokemon I wouldn't mind but this image is alright. Also don't tell Microsoft, Google, or OpenAI this I think the future is going to be Cyber Punk Dystopian just like that game called Cyber Punk it also has an Anime have you ever watched them before?

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8 hours ago, Yuma Kaiba said:

no no, I mean the picture would be very suitable as a "Doodle Beast" or "Prank-kidd" extra deck monster.

Gotcha.  Sorry if I came across a bit short.  I was tired and fighting a migraine when I posted that and was genuinely confused. 

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