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The phantom knights of shadow veil x2

the phantom knights of stained greaves

the gates of dark world

the phantom nights of silent boots x3

the phantom knights of ancient cloak x3

xyz universe

the phantom knights of lost vambrace

the phantom knights of wrong magnetring x2

the phantom knights rank up magic launch x2

the phantom knights of mist claws

phantom knights sword x2

phantom knights fog blade

the phantom knights of shade brigadine x2

the phantom knights of fragile armor

lightning blade

charge into a dark world

loris lady of lament

xyz import

the phantom knights ragged gloves x2

reign-beaux overlord of dark world

phantom knights spear

the phantom knights of tomb shield

lucent netherlord of dark world

odd eyes pendulum dragon

latinum exarch of dark world

call of the haunted sword of dragons soul

the phantom knights of dark gauntlets

goldd wu-lord of dark world

caligo claw crow

grapha dragon lord of dark world

snoww unlight of dark world

gren maju da eiza

armegeddon knight

number 96: dark mist

odd eyes rebellion dragon

evilswarm exciton knight

raiders knight

number f0 utopic future

evilswarm thanatos

evilswarm knightmare

number 75 bamboozling gossip shadow

dark armed the dragon of annihlation

the phantom knights of break sword

dark requiem xyz dragon

dark rebellion xyz dragon

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