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[Duel Links/Rush Duel] Blue-Eyes Beatdown Thing That Hits Stuff And Is Easy To Play

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Got into Rush Duels on Duel Links. It's fun.


Skill: Legend Draw (increase chance of drawing Legend Monster)


Monsters: 32

1 Blue-Eyes White Dragon [Legend]

3 Blue-Eyes Bright Dragon

3 Kaibaman

2 Kuribot

2 Flame Cerebrus

3 Level 6 2000 ATK vanillas

18 Level 4 1500 ATK vanillas


Spells: 1

1 Hammer Crush


Traps: 7

1 The Guard

3 The Barrier

3 Giant Tortoise of Greed


40 cards total


Simple. Drop Level 4s, summon Blue-Eyes/ big vanillas, beatdown, win. Hold onto Kaibaman until needed.


I noticed the other day you can build 30-card decks in Duel Links. It didn't work too well, and I noticed other players in ranked appeared to brick with whatever they were playing. 40 works smoothly, at least for this deck. I consistently throw down big bodies and draw 4-5 next Draw Phase, which is how I like to play. I assume 30 is for more specific playstyles...

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