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Star Wars Cards. Not finished!!!! But updating regularly!

Psychic Storm

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

Huh. I was afraid of this.


There are two extremely common flaws with these cards:

  1. You have created monster types to suit your context. NEVER, EVER, EVER create a monster type, for ANY REASON. A subtype with an unvarying effect (Union, Toon, Gemini, etc.) is fine. But NEVER create a monster type.
  2. You make all of your monsters extremely powerful. Your Obi-Wan Padawan is Level 8. HE'S A PADAWAN -- try making him Level 3 or something, and then have Obi-Wan Jedi Knight be, say, Level 6 or 7, or even 4 would be fine.

Other than that, the OCG is fine. One thing, though: their ATK increases permanently as written in the effect. If that was unintentional, add "during the Damage Step only" to the end of the sentence.

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