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green x 2

red x 2

yellow x 2

cyber dragon x 2

kycoo x 2

banisher x 3

dd assailant x 2

blue thunder t45 x 2




shrink x 3

monster reborn x 1

fissure x 1

smashing ground x 1

hammer shot x 2

lightning vortex x 1

enemy controller x 2

limiter removal x 1

MST x 1

heavy storm x 1




royal oppresion x 3

solemn judgment x 3

mirror force x 1

TT x 1

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yhea cheesy kinda has it also i fint lightning vortex to be much better than smashing or fissure


due to the amount of special summoning a lot of peoplke have liek 3 monsters on the field and smashing dosnt solve that problem


plus its the closest thing to raigeki i have :(

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