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PC/Trooper burn


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Just a YVD deck that has only had a few playtests.


Monsters: 15

3 Fire Trooper

2 The Creator Incarnate

3 The Creator

1 Disk commander

2 Malicious

1 Dasher

2 Fear monger

1 Stratos


Spells: 17

1 Foolish burial

3 Wave motion cannon

3 CoSR

1 Reborn

1 Premature burial

3 Destiny draw

2 RoTA

1 Warrior returning alive

1 Level limit area B

1 Messenger of piece


Traps: 8

3 Solemn judgment

1 Gravity bind

2 Dark bribe

2 Limit reverse


I think there's still a lot to be done with this deck in it's current state it either works beautifully or just doesn't work at all. I'm hoping to make it more consistent, I guess sangan is probably needed, and as for the spells and traps I think the quantities just need adjusting.


Any ideas welcome as always

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