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In this secret organization there are sepret of organizations.

Here we pass secret information to members of the MSO (Multiple Secret Organizations) Secret info must be passed by private messages. If posted, anyone could read it.

New organizations will open over time. For now members can now choose theise organizations to join


SIS(Secret Intellegence Service): Agent 23, Agent 129


FIB(Federal Intellegence Base): Agent 59, Agent 30


GBI(General Base Intellegence): Agent 12


SGB(Secret General Base): Agent 46


SBS(Secret Base Service):


Members: Agent 23/skill: 2

Agent 59/skill: 1

Agent 30/skill: 1

Agent 12/skill: 1

Agent 46/skill: 1

Agent 129/skill: 1


Plus Tournaments will be posted for getting points for their organization to top other ones.


Tournaments: MSO Hunt

Information: Teams must find these codes through out the site. Which ever team finds all these codes will earn 26 points for there teams reputation. the codes are 2Yjigh5, dh5sduH, Gh79DjdyD


Elective Tounaments: FIB electives, SIS electives


SIS points:0

FIB points:0

GBI points:0

SGB points:0

SBS points:0


And leaders will be elected for president for each organization each month. But that organization must only be voted if there are 2-3 Electives running for president plus other members to vote 3 or more.

President competitions will be up above. Message me if you want to run for President.

Members will also have code name like agent 25 and get skill points for different missions. Ill send your agent number to you and message of mission. Save that message. Also this will be you member code so other members dont know which agent you are and protecting your identity.

Also members must also keep messages to other members of their team only. A mole in that organization passing secrets to their organization is allowed. But if cuaght doing it they'll will be captive to the other team till the moles team must give one secret info. to that team. Remember all secret info must be passed by private messaging. Private Message me if you want to be a mole.


Hope youll join.

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We are now having a tournament. Each team must find the 3 codes listed in the first post. Which ever organization finds them first gets 10 points to there reputation of the organization. Also, electives are now up and running for the SIS and the FIB. Every one in tbhis club must vote. People who are running for president can not vote for anyone who is running for president in theyre organization, but can still vote for another different organization. Running elective must present theyre speech cuase they will earn more chances of winning.

You may start. All those who want to be president of theyre organization must message me. Thank you for listening.

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