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Buso Renkin Reverse Fan-Fic.


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I recommend reading Buso Renkin first, or at least the first 10-15 chapters. Up till the Beach Vacation / Victor


But, this is written from the homunculus' point of view.



so let the story begin.


Vela was in danger. The alchemist army was closing in. As one of the new breed of Hyper-Humanoid Homunculi she was a main target of the alchemist army. The alchemist was there.

"BUSO RENKIN!" he shouted.

all of a sudden, a large, double-edged sword appeared in his hands, with long dagger-spikes all along the sides of the sword. "Now you're in for it!" he shouted, as he swung the blade in his hands, over his head. "CYCLONE DAGGERS!!" the dagger spikes flew off the sword, and created a twister of wind and razor sharp spikes, shooting right at Vela. SNNNNNAAAAAP Vela snapped her shoulders out of their sockets. instantly, long, blade wings grew out from where her arms would normally go. The wings were smooth, with no scales, or feathers, but rather, a smooth skin. Vela jumped with ease above the cyclone.

"YOUR A HYPER-HUMANOID?!?!" the alchemist shouted

"Yes I am." She landed behind the alchemist. "and you are dead."

she swung her razor sharp wings up, and slashed him in half.


"Come out Lotta" she yelled into the dark, "the Alchemist's gone now."

Out of the darkness, a small, frail-bodied girl stumbled out of the dark.

"T-t-t-h-h-h-he m-m-mean m-man's gone now?" Her voice was almost as small as she was.

"Yes. Now don't just let him rot there. Dig in." Barked Vela.

Lotta showed large fangs, and her face grew larger and longer, as she shoved her face into the corpse of the alchemist.

"Boy, you're a pig." remarked Vela, "And your eating method is so... inefficient."

with blood and meat dripping down her face, Lotta mumbled "huh?"

"Did you honestly forget again?" she rolled her eyes at Lotta, "My wings feed me. Any man I cut has his life energy drained from him."

Lotta felt stupid.

"Duh, I knew that."

"Oh shut up." She threw the dead Alchemist's hand at her.





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Chapter 2.0:


Vela and Lotta were running.

"Why are we running Vela?"

"Because, the alchemists know where we are."

Lotta looked confused, as always.

"But I thought you killed the meanie?"

Vela was almost stunned by her stupidity.

"I did, but they know where the alchemist was, and they will send reinforcements once they know he's dead."

Lotta felt stupid.

"I-I-I knew that."

Little did they know, that the alchemist warriors knew exactly where they were.

"hehehe" snickered the dark figure, high in a tree.

"Stop Lotta."

"So, you saw me." smiled the alchemist warrior "oh well, I would have had to fight you anyways."


End of CHAPTER 2.0

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