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SSBB Final Smashes!!!


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Sorry about the last thread, this time i brought actual PICTURES!

74856gi7.jpg74856jb2.jpg74856ts7.jpg74856qx4.jpg74856nm2.jpg74856lp6.jpg74856re6.jpgJIGGLYPUFF:This card can only be ritual summoned by the effect of "SMASH BALL!".When this card is summoned tribute all cards on your field but this card.(Not optional).This card gains the ATK. and DEF. of all monsters tributed.During the damage step htis card gains Atk equal to half of the attacking monsters original Atk. points.At the end phase destroy this card and inflict 1000 points of damage to your opponent's life points.When this card is destroyed special summon "Jigglypuff from your remove pile.


This is only a small preview of my collection,plz. rate and comment

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