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The Kard Legends

Kaitou Kid

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Welcome to the Kard Legends


In this contest contestants will face a great amount of challenges.

Now here is the format.







Round 1 C

Round 2 T C

Round 3 T C

Round 4 T C



A test is a simple riddle or maybe to make a card it depends.The winner of the test does not have to compete in the next challenge.


Now ocasinaly there will be a random where you can get privlages that you can use

(i.e get out of a challenge,auto win test,apply punishment,ect.)


A punishment is a penalty that i may apply with rason(I.e not participating in a test) or without reason(i. e a privlage).These can range from create an extra card or guess a riddle before participating again(Note if you dont get it done by the time a test is finished the Zwiiip 2x Penalty).





[spoiler=Round 1]


Challenge-Post an Image and give credit!! (Well I need all the contestants to enter and post their image before revealing this!)






The Contestants

There will be a total of 9-12 entrants


  1. Final Fantasy Revolution
  2. Asii
  3. RacecaR
  4. maximate
  5. Not Avalible
  6. Not Avalible
  7. Not Avalible
  8. Not Avalible
  9. Not Avalible
  10. Not Avalible
  11. Not Avalible
  12. Not Avalible



1st:5 reps 40 points

2nd:1 rep 10 points

3rd: Hara-Kiri(Nothing)

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