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How do you pull good cards out of packs?

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Hey, I read the post about pulling holos, and this is what I got:



dropping-nope(gravity pull is the same)

bending-sometimes(i got 2 normal rares)

errors-works(only if you have ssame packs with diferent rarity pulls for comparisson)

freezing-works(only if you're buying a box, doesn't damage the cards)

thickness-nope(can't really tell)


so here's what I figured out. If anyone has any different ways, please post them here and explain how they work.

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I also check for numbers in the lower-right hand corner of the card package. I got 2 FOTB packs with the number 7 there' date=' 1 pull was Doomfire and the other was an ulty Shell.



there is?


ive got to figure out what the number for Phantom Darkness is.....


if i did, that would be schweeet!!


i have no ideas on the subject at hand, but this one is something to look for!

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