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This came up WAY back before this forum was started when I was on YuGiOhForums. Converting Pokémon, Digimon, Magic the Gathering, etc. cards into Yu-gi-oh cards based on information on the card. Here's what we came up with:




These are the steps:

1) Attribute and Type can be whatever it looks like it should be or whatever the closest thing to the Pokémon's actual type is.


2) The Level of the YuGiOh card is the level of the Pokémon card rounded up to the nearest 10 then divided by 10. ie. lv.32 -> 40 -> 4 (yay math!). also, if it is a 2nd form, add 1 level at the end. for a 3rd form, add 2 levels at the end. if it is a single form, add 1 level. if it is a legendary, add 2 levels. (Exception: if the card becomes too broken, then multiply by 10 or so less than you would!)


2) The ATK of the card is the total amount of damage the card can do multiplied by 10 for a 1st form, 20 for a second form, and 30 for a 3rd form. If it is a single form Pokémon, it is multiplied by 20. if it is a legendary, multiple by 30.


3) The DEF of the card is the HP with the same multiplication rules when finding ATK.


4) The card can have an effect based on the effects of the attacks the Pokémon card has. Such as an increase in power or something like that. Also, add summoning conditions when you feel it is necessary or base effects on the Pokémon video games.


As an example, I'll take the Jungle Pack edition of Nidoqueen:


It has an HP of 90. this will turn into DEF

The maximum damage it can do is 70. this will become ATK

It says "LV. 43" so it would round up to lv. 5. however, because it is the 3rd form, we add 2 levels making it level 7.

multiply the HP and combined attacks by 30 because it is 3rd form.

It also has the ability of gaining ATK when there are Nidokings in play...let's make that effect easier to use...

In the game, it can only be obtained by evolving Nidorina with a Moon Stone. It has "Poison Point" which decreases the opponent's health...because of poison...


we get this:



Trainer Cards:


According to Bulbapedia, there are 5 types of trainer cards. So I will do one of each. They are:

• Trainer cards

• Stadium cards

• Pokémon tools

• Supporter cards

• Technical machine cards


Trainer Cards

Trainer Cards can be compared most easily to Normal Spell Cards. For my example, I will use "Pokéball" from the Jungle Set.


For its effect, we can be a little less strict about the conditions of the effect. Besides, everything in the Pokémon TCG is about coin tossing, so we can just leave that part out. Now, let's replace "Basic Pokémon" with "level 4 or lower monster" and we get this:

4850hl3.jpg simple, no?


Stadium Cards

As one would expect, the Stadium Trainer Cards act as Field Spell Cards. Let's use Pewter Gym for this example:


The card reads:

Don't apply Resistance to any attacks made by Pokémon with Brock in their names.


Now, first of all, there is no such thing as Weakness and Resistance in Yu-Gi-Oh. Also, most cards don't have "Brock" in their names. However, we do know that Brock uses Rock-types with are kinda like Earth monsters and Weakness and Resistance have to do with offensive and defensive power...



Pokémon Tools

Okay, so these can be in the form of Traps or Quick-Play Spells. For my example, I'm using "Defender"


Card Lore:

Attach Defender to 1 of your Pokémon. At the end of your opponent's next turn, discard Defender. Damage done to that Pokémon by attacks is reduced by 20 (after applying Weakness and Resistance).


Since we don't have "damage" to monsters, we'll just change it to an ATK/DEF thing.


I apologize for not using a picture like in the Pokémon TCG, but I couldn't find one :P


Supporter Cards

These are either Normal, Equip, or Quickplay Spells. Or possibly Traps. For my example, I will use "Pokémon Nurse"

{image not available}

Car Lore:

Remove all damage counters from 1 of your Pokémon. Then discard all Energy cards attached to it, if any.


Once again, no damage counters in Yu-Gi-Oh. Let's make it into something different:



TM Cards

These are going to take the form of Quickplay Spells that work similar to the cards "Dark Magic Attack", "White Lightning", and "Inferno Fire Blast".


I'll use Water Cube 01

{image not available}

Card Lore:

Attach this card to 1 of your Water Pokémon in play. That Pokémon may use this card's attack instead of its own. At the end of your turn, discard Water Cube 01.

Water Splatter

Choose 1 of your opponent's Pokémon. This attack does 20 damage to that Pokémon. Don't apply Weakness and Resistance.


Since none of this makes sense in the Yu-Gi-Oh world, let's change it almost completely, but still have it make sense:



Energy Cards:

VERY VERY SIMPLE!!! All that has to be done is that it is made into an Equip that raised ATK and/or DEF. However, if you wish, you can have some cards that have to be equipped with an energy in order to attack. Here's my example:


we turn these:


into these:



Alternate Pokémon Method...

A different way I personally make the Pokémon YuGiOh cards is by using the stats from the game completely:


1) Take the Base Stats for Attack, Sp. Attack, and Speed and find the average (moar math!). Use this number instead of the Attack power on the TCG but keep the multiplication rules the same. Don't forget to round to the nearest 10 or 50 or 100!!! (I prefer 100 'cause it's the easiest)


2) For DEF, do the same thing except use Defense, Sp. Defense, and HP Base stats.


3) Have the effect be one or two of the possible abilities the Pokémon can have. Also include Summoning conditions.


4) For the level, go with your gut feeling.


here's the outcome:



game information from http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/



Magic, the Gathering (props to ShadowKyogre for giving me something to start with)


Obviously, this is a more complex game than Pokémon and the rules are much different than Pokémon and YuGiOh. I'm no expert on this game but I think I know enough to simplify it to put it into YuGiOh card form.




The creature cards will obviously translate into Monster Cards.

1) There are 5 types in MtG (Island, Mountain, Swamp, Forest, Plain) yet 6 in YuGiOh. The best I can do with type match-ups is this:


Island = Water or Wind

Mountain = Fire or Earth

Swamp = Earth or Dark

Forest = Earth or Wind

Plain = Earth or Light or Wind


As always, it is up to the card maker to decide which Attribute the monster will have.


2) Obviously, the total Mana needed to summon the creature will turn into the level.


3) Card type is simple. Whatever it looks like or whatever it says next to "creature" on the card.


4) The effect (if the creature has one) should be modified to fit YuGiOh gameplay (see example).


5) The ATK and DEF is tricky since the offensive and defensive powers of MtG are based on a 1, 2, 3, 4 system instead of 100, 200, 300, 400, etc. What can be done is to first multiply the o/d each by the newly calculated level of your monster and then multiply by 100. Since these numbers are way high usually already, take away 200 ATK/DEF for every non-specific mana cost. (once again, not an expert so it is very hard for me to explain this. just check the example I give.)





1. It is a Mountain card so it becomes a FIRE attribute.

2. You must tap 6 mana to summon it so it becomes level 6.

3. It's obviously a dragon type.

4. It has 2 effects:

• One is Flying. We'll turn that into piercing damage.

• The other is that by tapping a Mountain mana, it gets +1/+0 for the turn.

5. Ok, it's 5/5. multiply by its level (6) now it's 30/30. Then 3000/3000. It needs 2 Mountain and 4 anything mana to summon, so we turn the 4 anything into -800 ATK/DEF.




*Mana effect explained below




Mana is going to be kinda tricky. It's most associated with Field Spells. Here is an example of Mana:


Just go with me on this. This is how Mana would best translate into Yu-Gi-Oh:



Ok, so the rulings on Mana field cards should be the following:

• They will all have the effect that a Mana card can coexist with another field spell.

• All will have the same Mana Counters.

• Even though they use the same counters, some more powerful cards should require a certain Mana field card to carry out its effect.



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Well, it's not that it's too hard to transfer over. It's more like because it's pretty much combining elements of MtG and YGO. Also, I'm not sure too many people like it as a TCG and/or Anime/Manga. I'm always willing to take requests though so I'll add Duel Masters as soon as I neaten up and post my strategy for the non-creatures in MtG.

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