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The Mistress of the Sky - Harpies (Is it LEGAL now?)

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3x harpy lady 1

3x harpie queen

3x harpie's brother

2x cyber dragon

2x sonic duck

2x harpie's pet baby dragon

1x neospacian grand mole

1x garuda, the wind spirit

1x harpy lady sisters

1x raiza the storm monarch

1x swift birdman joe



2x harpie's hunting ground

2x elegant egotist

1x heavy storm

1x swords of revealing light

1x lightning vortex

1x monster reborn

1x premature burial

1x nobleman of crossout

1x enemy controller

1x book of moon



2x icarus attack

1x torrential tribute

1x mirror force

1x magic cylinder

1x sakuretsu armor

1x waboku

1x hysteric party



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its legal but it isnt good also:

3. Numbers


At the start of each section' date=' say how many of that type of card is included in your deck. For example:


Monsters (5)


2 Thestalos the Firsestorm Monarch

3 Larvae Moth


Spells (2)


1 Bubble Crash

1 Swords of Revealing Light


Traps (3)


3 Magical Hats


This makes it much easier for people to see your deck's balance.


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