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Need some Ideas

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Hi to all viewers,

First things first: Please excuse my terrible english, i'm from germany, finished school last year, never used english since, and overall, it wasn't my best subject ^^"

So I hope its not to hard to understand my writings.


Well, I want to ask you guys for some help.

As a great fan of the yu-gi-oh gx series, I planned to write a Fan-Fic about it. I've got the characters and their decks, some background stuff, but I missed the most important things: The Villains.


For this, I wanna ask for some ideas. I had the idea to create some new shadow rider, like in season1, but get stucked in the background.

What should the riders hunt, after the sacred beasts have been already revealed. I dont want to create new gods (yugioh already has enough of them, my oppinion).


Anyone some advices?


greetings from germany

Kite of the Azure Flame

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First of all: You have better English than most people that post fanfics.


Second: Try to make it a single villain more than an entire organization. The way I see it, that provides more material to work with. Try to also make the villain a bit semi-villainistic, like he didn't choose to become a villain in the first place, but in the end it all ended up like that. As for a main hunting object, the Seal of Orichalcos might suit you?

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@ lord wyhe: The children of loki - sounds good ^^

Northern Mythology is one of my favorite (Fenrirs/r)


@ Umbra: Thanx ^^

You've got a point. Single "not-want-to-be"-villain seems to be way better than old'school shadow riders. Somekind of Jaden in Season3. I'll try to work this out.

I didn't like this Orichalcos-Thing, but got my own spell working with a little ATK boost.

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