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Sky Scourge / Demise (DMU)


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Mainly Sky Scourge / Demise.


Monsters, Level 5 or higher:

1x Gorz

2x Enrise

2x Invicil

2x Norleras

2x Demise

2x Ruin


Monsters, level 4 or below

3x Honest

2x Manju

3x Nova Summoner

2x Shining Angel

3x PoC




2x Allure

3x End of the World

2x Foolish Burial

3x Trade-In

1x Quick Attack



1x MF

3x Dark Bribe


Win condition is either to summon Demise or Norleras, then nuke the field and continuous beatdown for win. I'd maybe stick in some Draining Shield to let me use Demise more often. (Not needed, but still.)

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