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The Fortune is back!!!

Ultimate Ryan

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Zexo the Time Rippler's the only one I'm looking at right now... first one on the list anyway. I see a 1-tribute card that contends with Jinzo and the Monarchs, meaning it can take out a lot of the monsters in the metagame, which has a 2/3 chance of really inconveniencing your opponent and a 1/3 chance of slightly inconveniencing you.


If you can recall way back, the only card that skips phases is Timeater, and it only targets your opponent's Main Phase (there are 2 in each turn, so the effect isn't so extreme). The only other card that does this sort of thing is Yata-Garasu, which is banned. This area of skipping phases is very delicate, and some card with a random die roll in it will probably botch the whole system. Time Rippler has a nice picture, but its effect is extremely controversial.

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