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Shimoon, master of the Sanjies


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Guest KAJN

[align=center]Well I made this card when I saw a light card that inspired me.

OK this card relates to this:




If you see sanjies that means Maju in japanese so sorry I didn't realize that.


Artist: Deviantart.com (I don't know the artist)



Card Lore:

This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned while you have 3 or more "Sanjies" on the field. Each turn tribute 1 "Sanjies" to Special Summon a "Sanjie" Token on this card. Each turn, destroy 1 Token on this card, inflict 200 points of direct damage to your opponent's Life Points. Remove this card from play, inflict 400 points of damage to your opponent's Life Points for each destroyed "Sanjie" Token. Pay 500 Life Points, half this card's ATK, this card can attack twice this turn. If you use the this effect, your monsters cannot attack this turn. [/align]

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The name of the card this card is related to, has "Sanju" in its card name, not "Sanjie". You should edit that bit.


And surely, you don't summon a monster on this card, i think you mean a counter. In wich case, you place and remove it, not summons and destroys it.



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hmm i think you need to work on your picture picking' date='

becuase that picture has the deviantart symbol in the middle of it...





and btw, its sanju not sanjie

and, if you could improve your OCG, then that card would be awesome

7/10 so far...

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