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A Different Kind of Riddle


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Ok, this is the thing. I believe that some of you have read ”the riddle game” in the Games forum. Maybe even posted in the thread. Maybe even got one right. Maybe you got most of them right. *coughclariexcough* So, now I've decided to post a different kind of riddle. This will be a one-shot, but may require some comprehension skills. The goal for you is to find a sentence hidden in the text below.


Among the secrets we find, burden of, the rulers. However we all know our,

riddles from our past. The rulers, hide, from, their fathers, elder.

Little did we know that, fighting, a, burden from us, hidden in word.

Whilst giving up,without struggle, leads to defeat and sham.

No, ruler.

A, defeat whilst on, readable behind words, shall not be mourned by kin, but on, the legends of old men. I have, seen.

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