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Well, your lack of the English language won't help your explanation, but maybe my steps will:


STEP ONE: Open the Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker.


STEP TWO: Select the desired card in the drop down menu on the upper-right of the card maker, and press open.


STEP THREE: After you see the image of your card to the right of the details, Left-Click on the picture of your card. Scroll down.


STEP FOUR: You should see a bar DIRECTLY below your card's picture, soon this will display a web address, if it doesn't already. Left-Click on this to select it, and then copy it by pressing CTRL+C keys at the same time, or Right-Click and select copy.


STEP FIVE: Open up the post you wish to add your picture to, and press the edit button.

Paste the Web Address using CTRL+V or Right-Click and select Paste.

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