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An Email I Sent To My School


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Here's an email I sent to my school regarding a letter I got recently, and an idea:


Hello, I am *Name Filtered* of 9KEB Mentor Group. I am writing to express my views on the "A Better Day" letter, and suggest an idea on Performing Arts.


A Better Day:


This is a nice idea for students like myself. I was a little put-off at first because of the fact that different Year Groups have to do more activities then others, but that doesn't overall matter. I like some of the "Extension" activities listed, and I know that every activity should get at least 10 people going there. Also, I would like to suggest an idea that would come under "Craft/Design" I believe. See, I am a big fan of what's known as GFX. This is basically a Computer-Based version of Art, with most work being done on Programs such as: Adobe Photoshop, The GIMP, and Paint.NET (Photoshop being the clear best out of the three). The Extension activities listed give the students a nice range of different things to try, and I support the idea 100%.


Oakmead's Got Talent:


This was what I was talking about earlier, for Performing Arts. Now, I'm sure everyone's heard of the Show "Britain's Got Talent", and this is basically the same, apart from instead of Britain; Oakmead. Now, what I was thinking was there be a Drama/Dance Teacher, a Music Teacher, and an un-bias Student. The reason I suggest a Student is that Student's ideas normally vary from the Adult's ideas.


Ideas I have thought of so far:


3 OR MAYBE 4 Judges.

Buzzers (No crosses, because I'm not too sure the school has that at the moment, and there would not be much point buying the technology just for this)

Anyone from the school can enter, including teachers and Staff (Not the Judges, obviously)

All Judges must be fair, but express their own opinion.

There will be 3/4 Rounds. Firstly, the Starting Round. I have no idea how many people will enter though, so I must stress that if this idea is put into place that we MUST advertise it around the college as much as possible.

That's all I have for now, but I'm sure more can be discussed at a later date.


As I have suggested this idea, if it happens, I would like to apply to be the Student Judge.



I would also like this to be forwarded to my Head of Year, Mrs. Newman.



Thanks for reading,


*Name Filtered*


If you don't mind, I'd like your opinions on my formal-letter writing, and my suggested idea about the Oakmead's Got Talent.





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