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Chimera Emersion


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There should be a co-relation between the 2 cards. (5.8/10)
On this point, I agree with wyhe. However, I also have some problems with the cards themselves. I would never use the chimera, simple because Beast Monsters have very little support, Reptile monsters has vennominon/vennominaga, which are much better than this card, and Dragon-Type monsters have more powerful fusions which already have high ATK, and different Beneficial effects. There's no point to Chimera. The Chimera force card is interesting, almost balanced. Giving 200 ATK/battle phase. That means it takes around 3 turns to increase the monster's ATK by 600, enough to make it seem like a higher level monster (in the way of stats). Not many monsters stay on the field for 3 turns, and the ones that do are the ones that don't need 600 more ATK in the first place. So this card has a good surface effect, but no depth.


Not exactly TCG worthy...

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