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Yu-Gi-Oh: The Overworld Revolution


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The sun was bright and everybody was happy and cheerful. Suddenly a bright sunbeam shines down. All you could see was light. The screams of panic and pain as the light starts to fade. That beam of light just destroyed half the neighborhood. The sun suddenly turns dark, like an eclipse is happening. The world turns black and during that time even more destruction was caused. You see armys of angelic beings fly down from the sky. You reconize one of them from a Duel Monsters card you own. When you go look at your card, he is gone. You start to head to a safe place when you are approched by a familiar face.You start to studder, "You're ..."


The background is that mostly people don't use as many light monsters as they do others (I said mostly so zip it and read on). Now the Light monsters are upset and now are revolting against the world. You have then been approched by your favorite monster who then asks you for your help. Read each of these to know what they say based on your monsters attribute.


[spoiler=Light] He/She asks for your help in the revolt. He/She knows you are one of few who likes Light Attribute monsters. You then gladly accept


[spoiler=Dark] He/She asks you to help stop the revolt and put the good-for nothing pigs in there place. He/She knows that you despise weak Light Attribute monsters. You gladly accept.


[spoiler=Earth/Fire/Water/Wind] He/She asks you to calm down both the Light and the Dark. Let the Light gain a greater equal status so that all Attributes are equal. No imbalance. You gladly accept.


You then are told that the only way to help would be to dual using the Deck Master rules/abilities.


To join just pm me your deck master(if made on this site please pm a pic) and your character's name. I will decide your deck master abilities. I will mostly conduct it until towards the end. As you play more abilities will be unlocked for your deck master.


You may have more than one character.

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