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Mr. President Mc King Contest LOCK, DELETE, MOVE, ENDED!


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[align=center]Here its your favorite Mr. President Mc King, Frlf with another contest!


Here is the deal, make a Member card of a Mod/Supermod.


it needs to be a MONSTER EFFECT card. No Spell/Trap/Vanillas cards accepted.


Do not Flame/Sweare/Curse/Spam




1st Place: 2 reps and 50 pts

2nd place: 1 rep and 20 pts

3rd place: 1 rep and 10 pts

4th place: 1 rep and 10 pts

5th place: 1 rep and 5 pts


Members in this contests:

1. God Hunter (Posted Card)

2. Ultimateryan (Posted card)

3. Deswombat4ever (Posted Card)

4. God Splice (Posted Card)

5. FFR (Posted Card)

6. Icyblue (Reserved)

7. Warmaker (Reserved)

8. Dark Edo Phoenix (Reserved)




^ List can go up


This contest will end Friday, 6 of June 2008


PM your friends if you want to get more participants... :wink:[/align]

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Haruno Sakura


Once per turn, you may pay 300 Life Points to add 2 "Mod" counters to face-up Monster Cards on the field. Apply one of the following effects according to the number of "Mod" counters on face-up monsters on the field:

2: Decrease the monster's ATK by 500.

4: The Monster cannot attack.

6: Your opponent must pay 200 Life Points every turn to keep this monster on the field.

8: Destroy the monster.


*Credit on card*


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MY ENTRIE (and yes it is a guy)



Effect: This monster can not be Normal Summoned or Set. This monster can only be Special Summoned by tributing 2 "Member" monsters from your side of the field. When you Special Summon this monster correctly remove from play all monsters that don't have "Super Mod" in their card name

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I dedicated my card to DJ Osiris, since he's so powahful. ^_^


Pay 700 Life Points to take control of 1 face-up Warrior-Type monster on your opponent's side of the field. At the start of your opponent's Battle Phase, change the battle positions of all face-up monsters on the field except this card. Each time either player declares an attack, place 1 "No Seriously, Stop Iiiiiit" Counter on this card. Remove 1 "No Seriously, Stop Iiiiiit" Counter from this card and decrease the ATK of this card by 100 to negate 1 attack from a monster your opponent controls.


Hope ya like it DJ. ^_^

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Ok, sorry im late. here is the judging (Im not going to Accept Maximate and E-Hero Anthony because they where too late, srry):


I had no internet in all day so here it goes.





Image: 25/25

Effect: 25/25

OCG: 25/25

P/I: 25/25


[align=center] Card: DJ Osiris - The Ultimate DJ By Ultimateryan

Image: meh.. 20/25

Effect: boring 18/25

OCG: good.. 24/25

P/I: Boring.. 17/25


Total: 79/100


Card: Salty, The Crab Of Destruction By God Hunter

Image: I Like it! The Glow at the crab is good, and i like Crab attacking a city xD 24/25

Effect: Hmm a bit Overpowered. but i like it 22/25

OCG: Good OCG! But its not perfect 24/25

P/I: Good, but its not my style and again, a bit OP 21/25

Total: 91/100


Card: Umbra - The Forbidden Soul By Deswombat4ever

Image: I Just Don't Like It 21/25

Effect: I Like It, a bit original 24/25

OCG: Issues 22/25

P/I: I Like it, but its not one of the best i've seen 23/25

Total: 90/100 close :wink:


Card: Haruno Sakura By God Splice


Image: It doesn't descrives Haruno Sakura, and i simply don't like it. 22/25

Effect: I love counters. but its not so great, seen a lot of this before. 23/25

OCG: 1 thing, '' xD 24/25

P/I: hmm i love counters, but its not what im looking for 22.1/25


Total: 91.1

Card: Super Mod-Darth Browarod By Final Fantasy Revolution

Image: not bad, but not good 21/25

Effect: boring, >.< 20/25

OCG: Good, but not perfect.. still very good 23/25

P/I: as i said before, boring, its simple xD 20/25

Total: 84


Card: Falling Pizza - The Pizza by Warmaker

Image: Bad Bad Bad Bad BG!!! xD!! 20/25

Effect: A Bit OP? and unoriginal 23/25

OCG: Issues 22/25

P/I: Idk why, i like it a lot! 24/25

Total: 89


Card: DJ Osiris By Dark Edo Phoenix

Image: Cool XD! 22/25

Effect: Meh, i don't like it.. 22/25

OCG: Issues 22/25

P/I: hmm, i don't really like it.. 22/25

Total: 88


Congratulations to all!



1. Splice with his Harunk Sakura.

2. GH with his Salty, The Crab Of Destruction

3. Deswombat4ever with his Umbra - The Forbidden Soul

4. WarMaker with his Falling Pizza - The Pizza

5. Dark Edo Phoenix and his DJ Osiris.


Sending Prizes to winners (if you don't get ur deserved prize, PM me..) [/align]

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