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Text On Graphic: [[ Pretty Obvious, The Text You Want If Any. ]]

Sub-Text On Graphic: [[ Again Pretty Obvious, If You Want Any Sub-Text Underneath The Main Text, State It Here. ]]

Images For Graphic: [[ Please Provide URLs To Any Images You Wish To Have Used, Remember To Properly Credit Artists If Possible. If You Do Not Provide Image URLs No Images Will Be Put Onto Your Request, So Be Warned. ]]

Size Of Graphic: [[ Please Provide Accurate Pixel Sizes So People Know What You Want, Sizes CANNOT Be More Than 500x300 For Signatures, And 100x100 For Avatars, Other Graphics May Vary. ]]

Type Of Graphic: [[ Please State Exactly It Is You Are Requesting As Some Graphics CANNOT Be Requested From This Site. For Example A Avatar, Signature, Forum Header, Etc. ]]

Requested Artist: [[ If You Wish To Have A Certain Person Do Your Request, State Their Name Here. Please Be Advised That They Are Allowed To Decline Your Request. ]]

Other Comments: [[ Have Anything Else You Want To Say? Want To Let An Artist Know Of Something You Specifically Want? Then State It Here So They Know. This Is Not To State How Much You Will Offer, The Person Doing Your Request Will State How Many Points They Want Via PM. ]]

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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