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Yugioh Dynon Tournament Chapter 7 & 8 Fiends or Monarchs


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Previously on Dynon, Linda destroyed Hillary in the close calling of exodia,


CHAPTER 7-Fiends or Monarchs

Master-Now for the final duel of the first round, let us begin. This duel is between Scott Fiendsworth and Hank Rider,

Hank-You do know that you puny lil deck doesn't stand a chance

Scott-We will see about that (evil laughter)

Hank & Scoot-Duel





Scott-I will start things off, I summon my first fiend, Sangan in attack mode (ATK/1000), now i will end with one card face down.

Hank-Get ready for this draw, I activate the spell card Mystical Space Typhoon, so say goodbye to your face down.


Hank-Now I will remove from play my MST spell card from play to special summon my Spell Striker(ATK/600), now I tribute my Spell Striker to summon Zaborg The Thunder Monarch(ATK/2400), now when zaborg is tribute summoned successfully I can destroy one monster on the field and I choose your Sangan.Now Zaborg attack his life points directly.

Scott-Hold that thought, because of Sangans effect I can add one monster with 1500 ATK or less from my deck to my hand and I choose Kuriboh, and then I will discard Kuriboh to negate the damage Zaborg would inflict on me.

Hank-Oh well, I set one card face down and end my turn.

Scott-My turn and now I play mystical space typhoon as well to destroy your face down, then I activate my fiends sanctuary to summon 1 Metal Fiend Token, now I tribute my token to summon my friend the Summoned Skull(ATK/2500), then I activate Fissure to destroy your Zaborg, then finally I activate double summon to summon an additional monster, hahahah

Hank-(if that extra monster he summons has over 1500 ATK, then I i will lose the duel, and that would be bad, especially on the second turn)

Scott-Now I call my Mystic Tomato(ATK/1400) to the field and now Summoned Skull plus Mystic Tomato will attack you directly, so you take 3900 damage.







Hank-In my hand I have to many high powered cards, if I dont draw a miracle next turn, I am finished





CHAPTER 8- Fiends or Monarchs part 2


Master-(Both of these duelists have extreme potential, I wonder who will win)

Hank-Ok, my draw,yes, alright lets really start this duel, I activate my monster reborn spell card to reborn my Zaborg.

Scott-What does it matter Zaborg is still weaker then my summoned skull

Hank-Well i have figured out a way to take advantage of the dark monsters you play, I tribute my Zaborg for Cauis The Shadow Monarch(ATK/2400), and when he is tribute summoned successfully like he just was, I can remove from play a card on the field, and if it happens to be a dark monster that I remove you take 1000 points of damage.


Hank-Thats right so say goodbye to your summoned skull and 1000 life points.





Hank-But Im not done yet, Cauis attack his tomato,

Scott-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, but i still can summon a dark monster with 1500 ATK or less, and I choose another Tomato.

Hank-Summon all the fruit you want i will still take you down(chessy 4kids line i made up), i will end with one card face down, your move





Scott-Alright my turn, what, what, since when was this card in my deck, where did it come from,but its effect is so evil and broken, muhuhuhahahahahhah, yes, i dont know where this card came from, but i will gladly use it, if you didnt notice Mr.Rider, I control three dark monsters in my graveyard, the tomato you just destroyed, sangan, and kuriboh.

Hank-So, whats your point three darks in the grave wont win you this duel, its just showing that you can count.

Scott-You wont be smart talking in a minute when i summon the most powerful and broken card of all time, when i control 3 dark monsters in the graveyard i can special summon the all powerful DARK ARMED DRAGON(ATK/2800)

Hank-What, Dark armed dragon, what the heck is that

Scott-See Mr.Rider, his effect makes him powerful because, simply by removing a card in my graveyard from play i can instantly destroy any card on the field, so i remove my tomato and kuriboh to destroy your last 2 cards in play, ITS OVER.

Hank-Not quite, I chain my Waboku trap card, so now i cant take any battle damage this turn, so you will have to wait till next turn to finish me off.

Scott-Fine I end my turn, but we both now that you will lose next turn.

Hank-(He's right even if i draw a monster to defend myself he still has a dark monster in the grave to remove, I dont know what to do)

Scott-Stop stalling and take your turn

Hank-Draw, I set a card and end my turn

Scott-That was a short turn, draw...

Hank-Not so fast I chain your draw to threatining roar(srry if i spelled that wrong), so now you cannot attack this round.

Scott-Well, Mr.Rider, you are showing quite a promising effort against a powerful card. Anyway I set a card and end my turn.

Hank-(Ok, I managed to stay alive this long if i could just draw something to get rid of that dark armed dragon)Well, here goes everything,DRAW, yes I activate smashing ground so say goodbye to your all powerful card,


Hank-Yes, its gone(but i have no cards in hand so all he has to do is draw a monster and im finished)

Scott-Draw, oh well, looky here another card that i never put in this deck, i activate allure of darkness so now i can draw 2 cards, but i have to remove from play a dark monster in my hand after i draw the 2 cards

Hank-And what if you dont have a dark monster in your hand

Scott-Then I must discard my entire hand, anyways i draw 2 cards and remove from play Darklord Zerato(ATK/2800),and now Mr.Rider it ends here because I activate my face down card Return from the different dimension to special summon back kuriboh(ATK/300), Mystic Tomato(ATK/1400), and Darklord Zerato(ATK/2800), all just for half my life points.






Scott-Now go my monsters finish this duel






Scott-That was fun, but to easy,(the one thing i want to know is how i got those cards in my deck)

Master-Very got scott, now we will take an hour break then the semi finals will begin(and i need to learn a little more about that dark armed dragon, with that card on my side my plan will be guarenteed not to fail)






If you want to see chapter 9 and 10 when they come out i will post the link here when i am done with them,

Thanks for reading

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