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Duelists of Kenji: A Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Fic


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My name is Ryuu Kanji, an 18 year old senior student who lives in Japan.


I could start anywhere in my crazy insane life, but I'd rather start at the beginning, the day one power hungry demon and six very unfortunate people changed my life.


I see your becoming very sceptical already. But I assure you, it's the truth.


It all started one foggy morning, much like any morning...





[/align][align=left]The alarm clock buzzed in my ear, almost making me fall

out of bed and hit my head on the bedside table.


Which would not be good, seeing as this was my first day in Eleventh Grade. I turned sixteen a week ago, and me and my friends partied so much that I forgot that I had to prepare for school.


I rosed out of my bed and into my sneakers. The streets of Tokyo were busy and bustling with tourists, as they always were.


I stepped into the kitchen and grabbed a slice of toast off the counter. My parents had gone to work a few hours ago.


I shouldered my backpack and stepped into the light, foggy drizzle that coated the bustling streets of Tokyo. The neon lights had gone damp.


I managed to push through the mobs of tourists and got to my high school.


Osaka Secondary School was small, but decent. I had some friends there, and I just remembered something.


I reached into my pocket and pulled out a deck of Yu-Gi-Oh cards.


Me and my friends didn't have much to do at Recess, Osaka Secondary didn't have a playground, just a dim, concrete courtyard. So, me and my friends played with Yu-Gi-Oh cards, doing tournaments, duels and all that other stuff.


I opened the doors. Other kids had arrived and some of the more `pack' girls patrolled the halls in mobs, giggling and pointing at people as they went.


I opened the door and stepped in awkwardly. I was ten minutes late, and all of the students looked at me as I passed them and stepped into my desk.


Class was boring as usual, introductions, first classes, being shown to our rooms. Everything was as routine and normal as they could be.


At Recess I went to my locker and opened it. All of my cards fell out.


That's strange. I didn't remember shoving them into my locker.


When I bent down to pick them up, I almost fell over. On the back of one of the cards was inscribed in some sort of substance said: Ryuu Kanji. I shook my head and picked it up, scratching out the words.


Who did that? Nobody would bother breaking into my locker to put my name on Yu-Gi-Oh cards.


I shook my head and moved on. Me and my friends were having a Yu-Gi-Oh card tournament later on, and I didn't want to miss. Suddenly, I heard a voice in my head. It was dark, raspy and echoey.


Ryuu Kanji. it said.


Yeah? What was that supposed to mean? Was I going insane?


Ryuu Kanji. the voice said again.


What was happening?


RYUU KANJI! the voice yelled in my head. I covered my ears and bolted to the nearest washroom.


Ryuu Kanji, Ryuu Kanji,RYUU KANJI! the voice angrily chanted.


I collapsed onto the ground covering my ears. Shut up, I told it. It wouldn't listen.


Ryuu Kanji, Ryuu Kanji, RYUU KANJI! the voice yelled.


``WHAT DO YOU WHAT?'' I yelled out angrily. What was this voice doing?




I bolted to the nearest cubicle and threw up. I didn't know why. I spat at the vile aftertaste of bile.


Ryu Kanji. the voice muttered more softly.


``AAAAAGH!!!'' I screamed. What was happening to me?


I know what's happening to you.


``Then tell me!'' I retorted angrily, but I covered my mouth. Surely I was going crazy or something. I was actually getting angry at the voice in my head!


You are Ryuu Kanji.


I looked at the mirror.


I am Masako no Kenji.


I backed away from the mirror.


And you shall take back what you stole from me!


In the mirror, instead of me, was a hideous gargoyle. It had horns on the top of it's head, and he was wearing a sort of Chinese dragon mask. He had large blood red wings, and decked out in blood red samurai armor and leggings. It almost looked as if the armor was apart of the skin.


``W-what did I steal from you?''


You will soon find out.


I blacked out as a force the size of a meteor smashed into me, and I went sailing into blackness.[/align]

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