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the maju contest ([{Finished/ Winner Posted}])

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the Maju interest me very much....i want to see a Fusion Monster of the Great Maju Garzett and Maju Garzett.....





things i will judge on:

similarity (name/pix/effect)-50%


realistic (balance)-20%




1st- 3 +reps

2nd- 1 +rep

*sorry, no third place


End Date:

10 days from today

or 10 contestants entered

*since this contest is in only for a short time, i will only considered that you entered when i see your posted card....... thanks


***5 contestants as of now***


*if any questions, feel free to pm me... ~Phantasy Dreamer

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I'll try to find a good pic, if I do I'll enter.




My card.


I would have editted the background, but remember it is not my pic, so I can't.


[spoiler= Omnimous Maju Garzett]




- Found in: deviantART

- Autor: ~priapos78




BTW you should have noticed that Maju Garzett and Great Maju Garzett should be in play, so the Fusion will have the ATK of the monsters used for the Tribute Summon of those monsters, but if they were Special Summoned, sorry, but that would be like ATK = 0, DEF = 0, that way I think I balanced this card. XD


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anyone here that is not sure that they will enter or not..... is not considered a contestant.......... i will only consider that you are in this contest when you posted your card........ if i get 10 contestants and you are one of the person that 'reserved' but have not posted your cards yet, sorry............ dont blame me....

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